Useful Fighting Tactics from US Navy Seals

Useful Fighting Tactics from US Navy Seals

Uniform Store Las Vegas: Surviving an Active Shooter Scenario

With all that is happening these days, having knowledge on surviving potential threats is something everybody should consider. Knowing just a few fighting skills could save you from harm. Take into account the incident that happened to model Gigi Hadid. As reported by E-online, the model was ambushed and picked up by a notorious prankster. Fortunately, the model’s self-defense instinct and muscle memory kicked in and successfully deterred the assailant by elbowing him in the face. There are so many things that can help us up our level of self-defense. Just check our uniform store Las Vegas Tactical. We carry a wide variety of the most trusted brands of tactical gears in our 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite store. Check us out today and treat yourself to gears from brands like Fenix, Streamlight, and Tru-Spec amongst others.

Active Shooter Scenario

In the case of an active shooter, it is always best to have the proper tactical gear. Las Vegas Tactical offers premium body armor from Armor Express in their Las Vegas uniform store. In the absence of a body armor, Business Insider suggests following these fighting tips from a former Navy Seal in protecting yourself.

  • Distance

Increase the distance between you and the attacker. Run as far as you can in a zigzag pattern. This buys you more time to think of an escape plan.

  • Barricade

Anything can be used as a barricade but as safety goes, the bigger the better. Thick walls are good for hiding and for shielding yourself.

  • Escape

Observe your environment and be on the lookout for an escape route and of people that would be able to help you.

  • Defend

People might think that fighting the attacker should be the first thing on the list. However, this should only be the last resort when you have done everything to escape. When it comes to fighting, having a strong mindset will help you fight back and protect yourself without hesitation.

Protective Tactical Gear

Go ahead and visit our uniform store in Las Vegas and arm yourself with the best tactical gear for self-defense. If you want to add a personal touch to your new gear, we offer customization services in the shop as well. We are also able to take custom orders for groups or even individuals who would like to own a tactical uniform using their own design. A custom inventory is also available for clients who would like to set up a group account. Call us today at (702)739-7070 to find out more.

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