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Uniform Store Las Vegas


As defined by an E-zine article by Julia K. Symbian, tactical gears are commonly used by the armed forces for protection. This helps them be prepared for rough situations. The main reason why tactical gear is worn is because these gears help military forces combat unsafe conditions while giving them a boost of confidence. These gears range from helmets to eye protection, to tactical vests, belts, bags, and so much more. Las Vegas Tactical is the leading provider of tactical gear and  finest uniform store Las Vegas has ever produced. Being in the business since 2011, we are proud to have serviced and continue on servicing the tactical needs of many law enforcement officers from handcuffs to full body armor. Although most of the products and brands we carry service law enforcers, ordinary citizens may also find our selection of tactical gears useful. They’re good for target shooting, camping, hunting, fishing, and basically anyone who loves adventures. As Mental Floss states, even cargo pants were considered as a military gear in the 1930s and is now enjoyed and commonly used by the general public. Drop by the store today. We are open all days of the week from Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Useful Tactical Gear Guide

As indicated by an article in No Surrender!, tactical and survival gears, though its original purpose is to service the military, can be very useful to civilians. Night vision goggles can be very useful when hunting at night. Unknown to most people, they can also serve as an efficient home security tool for checking dark areas in your neighborhood from the safety of your home. Holsters and ammo bags are also very useful if you are hunting or have target shooting as a hobby. Since tactical backpacks are made to be very durable, campers and hikers can make use of their lightweight design as well as their function to store a lot of things with their multiple compartments. The functionality and durability are what makes tactical apparel and accessories so appealing to everyone.

What are you waiting for? Head over the finest tactical gear and uniform store in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Tactical is located at 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite. Can’t drop by today? Try visiting our website for an amazing virtual tour of the shop. We offer a wide and large variety of the most trusted brands of tactical gears all under one roof. However, before buying the tactical gears here is a guide from Guns on choosing the right tactical gears and equipment. In the article, it was stated that choosing gear that is comfortable, long-lasting, and has a high functionality is essential. Gearing up in the right tactical apparel, on top of being prepared, also gives the wearer a much-needed boost of confidence to face what they are about to do. Get yours now at the best Las Vegas uniform store. Treat yourself to the amazing array of selection offered by our shop.

  • Head Gear

Wearing the right head gear is important in combat situations. This will help your head from taking too much impact. This is also good for those who like camping and hiking in rocky areas. Make sure to wear a cap to prevent the helmet from coming in contact with your brow. Check out the helmet selection we offer in the store from popular brands like Propper. Don’t forget to check out some 5.11 Tactical skull cap or under helmet caps as well.

  • Ear Protection

Aside from its military purpose, those who have taken firing as a hobby can greatly benefit from getting some high-quality ear protection just like those 5.11 Tactical offers. Firing a gun during tactical training or target practice without proper ear protection can cause acoustic trauma. According to Medline Plus, acoustic trauma is one of the most common causes of the loss of hearing. The article further added that the effects could be irreversible and can no longer be treated. Check out some of the light and heavy-duty ear protection we offer for your next visit to the firing range.

  • Eye Protection

Getting protection for your eyes is very important. When firing a weapon you need the full focus and cooperation of your eyes. Aside from enhancing vision, tactical eyewear protects eyes from fragmentation as well as natural conditions like wind, sand, and dust. Camping and hiking enthusiasts may also find these helpful to avoid the aforementioned natural obstacles from entering the eyes thus being able to fully appreciate the majestic view of nature. Make sure to choose those that have wrap around protection as well as those that do not disrupt your peripheral vision. Choose ones that sit comfortably on your face so that adjusting them constantly will not be a problem.

  • Flashlights

There are so many advantages to owning a tactical flashlight. Aside from its obvious purpose, these handy devices can also serve as a self-defense tool. This can be used to deter wild animals. Tactical Intelligence states that the bright light from a tactical flashlight shined in the eyes of animals in the wild could confuse and disorient them. Running away will most likely be their immediate response. These can also be used as a fist filler to deliver a more powerful punch. Everyone should have one.  Check out the powerful flashlights we offer from first-rate brands like Fenix and Streamlight. Why not check out some holsters for those flashlights as well while you’re at it. This makes them easier to carry without restricting the use of your hands

  • Clothing

Just like flashlights, tactical clothing is one of those things that almost everyone can use and enjoy. They come in so many styles ranging from the classic military look to the casual look. Tactical shirts are made to be comfortable and durable. Check out shirts from brands like Blauer and Elbeco. To match that make sure to consider getting tactical pants as well. Make sure to get ones that are comfortable as well as durable. Learn about the different fabrics used in these tactical pants and their uses. Opt for those that have knee articulation to provide freedom of movement.

  • Knives

The knife is one of the most important tactical and survival tools. Be sure to get ones that are easy to access and open as well as easy to secure. They can even be the go-to tool for when out surviving in the wild. They have many uses and are designed to be comfortable when gripped. Aside from chopping and cutting, they can be used for digging, pounding, as well as self-defense. 5.11 Tactical knives are among the best in the market today. Don’t forget to consider getting one when visiting our store. Try to ask about the uses and advantages of different blade design like clip point, spear point, drop point, and tanto point.

  • Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are so useful and durable that we won’t be surprised if it replaces the normal ones entirely. The best tactical backpacks are those that are durable and can take a lot of wear. They should also be comfortable enough to carry for long periods of time. Look out for hip and strap paddings that won’t cut into the skin when experiencing friction. Also look for those that have the right capacity. This is essential if you need supplies for an extended period of time. Take into considerations the amount of weight that you can carry. The bigger the backpack the more things you’ll be able to stuff in it thus making it really heavy. As a common rule, 30-liter backpacks are enough for day trips. For travels that include multiple nights, a minimum of 40-liter capacity is needed.

Excellent Customer Service and Wide Selection of Brands

Check out the most trusted brands of tactical gears in our Las Vegas uniform store. Since we want our customers to have the best experience with is we also offer embroidery services for those who want to add a personal touch to the gears they brought at our store. We also have a full-time seamstress that can offer tailoring services to make sure that the tactical gears that you buy fit perfectly. Not only that, our tactical uniform store in Las Vegas also accepts custom orders from organization and groups or even individuals who have a unique design for their tactical uniforms. Don’t hesitate to share your designs with us so we can help you turn that into reality.

Aside from those, we offer clients the chance to have a custom inventory for those who want to set up a group account. This is perfect for organizations, agencies, and groups with a lot of members. Let us take care of all your uniform and tactical gear needs. For more information on our excellent products and services call us today on (702)739-7070. Don’t forget to check out our website and fill out a form so we can discuss and set you up on our Corporate Accounts program.

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