Top Survival Strategies for Las Vegas Tactical Gear Enthusiasts

Top Survival Strategies for Las Vegas Tactical Gear Enthusiasts

There are all sorts of reasons why being able to do your job excellently as a law enforcer is a must. There are about 31 million reported crimes in the United States every year, according to the Women’s Self Defense Institute. While it helps to have the right gear with you, the most important tool in carrying out your task is your brain. You can find the best tactical gear at Las Vegas tactical the biggest uniform store Las Vegas, but finding useful information about survival strategies is much harder. So here are a few tactics that you might find useful:

Learn Hand to hand Combat Skills

It is not enough to take one self-defense class. There are many ways perpetrators can attack you. You need to learn how to act in an emergency situation without much forethought. Meaning, it has to be just like a knee-jerk reaction. This won’t be achieved in one or two self-defense classes.

Be Physically Fit

Your physical fitness makes a huge difference between catching a criminal without getting a scratch or letting the attacker escape or possibly kill you. Your workouts should give you the explosive strength that attackers could not match. You don’t need bodybuilding workouts, you need to do workouts used by MMA fighters and military Special Forces.

Have the Right Tools Ready

While martial arts is an indispensable tool for law enforcers, having the right tools is a must. Find industry-leading escape and evasion tools such as distraction devices from Safariland. Our Las Vegas uniform store has that and other tools you need for survival.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Being aware of what’s going on keeps you safe majority of times. If you are aware of your surroundings, like where the gas station is, the ATM, the convenience store, you can devise a plan quickly. Being aware makes you look more confident and strong that just the mere sight of you can prevent criminals from executing their plan. Remember, prevention is your best defense.

Uniform Store Las Vegas for Police and Security

These are just samples of survival strategies that you might need someday. Nothing can take the place of being ready in mind and in tools. So come over to Las Vegas Tactical. We are the largest of all Las Vegas uniform stores. We carry the top brands of all tactical tools for firefighters, EMTs, security guards, the police, and the military. Your organization can benefit from our group services which include a custom inventory. Call us today!

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