Tips for Improving Your Weak-Side Shooting

Tips for Improving Your Weak-Side Shooting

Not every scenario works in your favor. If you are lucky, you may find yourself in an ideal situation where you can get a good grip of your firearm, have sufficient cover and end the fight quickly. But let us realistic. You won’t be so fortunate all the time. You have to consider that there may be instances wherein you will resort to single-handed, support-side shooting to protect yourself.

What is Weak-Side Shooting?

Weak-side shooting is a skill set that involves your ability to fire and manipulate your firearm even when your dominant hand or arm is suffering from an injury. This skill is crucial to survival because failing to transition to you support-side hand when you are injured can result to your death.

Drawing and Firing with Your Support-Side Hand

Here are some useful tips from Tactical-Life Magazine. If you suffer an injury to your dominant hand or arm, do not hesitate to use your support-side hand to get your weapon out. Reach for your firearm with your support hand and index the weapon. At this point, your gun will be positioned upside down. Draw it, as much as possible, in a fluid motion. You will also need to pivot it in your hand and you may experience difficulties doing this. If that happens, use your leg or another surface as a press point. Once your firearm is oriented properly, you can then acquire a firing grip.

Shooting using your support hand varies very little from shooting one-handed using your dominant hand. To have accurate and repeatable shots, just keep a firm grip matched with a smooth and continuous trigger pull. A firm grip will also minimize the movement of the gun in your support-side hand. Additionally, to avoid making low shots, keep a smooth press on the trigger directly to the rear.

Reloading with Your Less Dominant Hand

If the fight continues, you will be required to reload your gun. Just follow this simple process. First, eject the empty magazine to the ground. Then, reholster your firearm and index a fresh magazine. Make sure it seats into the mag properly. Reacquire a firm grip on your gun and draw it back out. With a free finger, press down on the slide top and re-enter the fight when you are ready.

Who to Rely on for Your Tactical Needs

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