Surviving Gunfights: Helpful Tips for LEOs

Surviving Gunfights: Helpful Tips for LEOs

Over the past several years, FBI recorded the lowest injury rates for firearms than other weapon types. Injury from firearms is much lesser than knives and other cutting instruments. For law enforcement officers, however, it is best to know what to do to survive gunfights. It also pays to wear the right tactical gear Las Vegas for your safety. This is to make sure you don’t become part of the 9.3% who sustained gunshot wounds.

Many successful gunfighters have secretly share their expertise, philosophies, and principles to survive gunfights. These rare documents are excellent sources of advice for surviving gunfights.


Hesitation will get you killed. This advice is not new to gun owners, especially law enforcers. It is a cliché but an accurate one. It is also related to the principle of having “calmness in action.” It is the same doctrine that the samurais follow. It allows them to make quick and accurate decisions.

One of the most famous gunfighters known to man was Wyatt Earp. In a rare interview, he shared his theories about gun fighting and he often emphasized decisiveness. It has been decades since the said interview but what Earp shared continues to be relevant.

Shooting is more than just aiming at something and pulling the trigger. It is also necessary to consider weapon models and tactical gear in Las Vegas.


Another thing to master in the art of gun fighting is movement. You need to be able to shoot while on the move. If you are constantly moving, your opponent will find it hard to hit you. Also, if you are able to shoot while moving, you are more likely to gun down your opponent while you leave the scene unscathed.

While the “stand and deliver” notion works for beginners, it can be problematic when you are engaged in a fight with a few people. It is best to be mobile while shooting at the opponents.

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