Security Uniform (Las Vegas) Tips: 5 Principles For Surviving On The Street

Las Vegas police uniforms

Security Uniform (Las Vegas) Tips: 5 Principles For Surviving On The Street

Security uniform (Las Vegas) tips can help you emotionally, physically and legally prevail your law enforcement or security career. Working on the streets is highly dangerous and it takes some experience to not get yourself in trouble.  So how do you survive?  We have gathered 5 tested and proven principles from police officers who have spent decades working on the streets.

Earn Respect By Giving It

If you are expecting people on the streets to respect you just because you are wearing a Las Vegas security uniform, you cannot be more wrong.  You have to earn it by giving it.  Do not consider yourself as someone above people on your beat.  Level with them.  Treat each of them with dignity and respect, regardless of where they are in life.

Get Acquainted

For people on your beat to work with you, you must form a connection with them.  Treat them as if they are your slightly dysfunctional relatives.  Get to know them and be genuine. They are street smart and can sense if you are trying to form a “fake” relationship with them.  It may seem unprofessional to you, but be sincerely interested in who they are.  Get to know their character, what makes them tick.  Listen to their stories.

Do Not Take Insults Personally

Insults get thrown around often in the streets.  It is the language that people on your beat speak, and among all that they like to insult, they pick on the police the most.  Do not take their foul comments personally.  These persons are insulting the police uniform in Las Vegas, and not you as a person.  Just put in mind that all of the insults they slap you with have all been heard before.

Be Physically Fit Always

Manning the streets may not be a sport, but it is as demanding as a contact sport.  Your physical fitness level will be constantly tested by people on your beat.  Running, for one, is something that you should be good at if you want to keep your beat safe.  Like an athlete, you need to be strict with both your diet and exercise routine.  Make sure that you are always in your best physical condition.

Never Sell Your Honor

You can sell your honor for a hefty price but once you sell it, you can never gain it back.  On the streets, you will be constantly faced with people who will try to cut a deal with you.  Sometimes, they will offer you a price so good that you may find yourself considering it.  NYPD Officer Frank Serpico shared some wise words on this matter.  In an interview with Police One, he said, “Police work is an honorable profession; if you do it with honor.”

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People on the streets are sometimes apprehensive to officers wearing Las Vegas security uniforms.  However, it can also bring on a positive effect in others.  According to Made to Measure, it increases visibility, giving people the sense of security that someone is around to protect them.  For quality security uniforms in Las Vegas, drop by our store and check our selection of tactical gear and uniforms.  We carry your most trusted brands like Propper, Tru-Spec, and Armor Express.  If you have inquiries about our products, call us at (702) 739-7070 or send us an email at

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