How Realistic Training Can Make You a Better Vegas Law Enforcement Officer

How Realistic Training Can Make You a Better Vegas Law Enforcement Officer

It used to be that rookie officers are issued tactical gear Las Vegas, including a revolver, a holster, a baton, and a canister of tear gas while the field sergeant carries a shotgun. They are then commanded to go out and do their job. After the Field Training and Evaluation Program, you are allowed to carry a leather club. But these days, rookies are given more modern tools. It could be good news, but is it?

Modern Tools and Unrealistic Training

Back in the days, new law enforcement officers are given realistic training, but today, drills are done in a more intelligent way and a safer environment. Neophytes are now given handguns and Fenix Tactical Flashlights. It is very rare to see patrol officers using a revolver. There are patrol rifles and 5.11 Tactical Bail out Bags that are designed to carry the essentials necessary for survival in all types of situations.

It used to be that the batons end up in the car’s trunk, unavailable at times when it’s most needed. Now, we have the handy, collapsible type. Even better are the aerosol propellants which have saved many officers’ lives. There is also the TASER handgun or electronic control device that incapacitates enemies 35 ft. away.

The Problem with More Weapons

The problem is, police officers now require longer training, more certifications and re-certifications. New policies have also been made in connection with the new weapons. Each additional Las Vegas tactical gear is accompanied with a multi-page document. They bring a lot of confusion. Because of this, officers require a more intelligent and realistic training.

Unfortunately, this is not what is happening today. Training is done in an air-conditioned training room and for practical reasons. Everything should be done to keep everyone safe and free from injury, but because of this, most of our officers are ill-prepared.

Genuine Tactical Gear Las Vegas

Officers need to be out in the field where they can practice shooting in all kinds of weather. They need realistic training using real tactical gear of the highest quality. In Las Vegas, we have the biggest selection of tactical gear so that should not be a problem.

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