Police Uniforms Las Vegas

Police Uniforms Las Vegas


Any law enforcement agency in the world would immediately point the recruiting and retaining of officers the most challenging and crucial internal issue in their department. The truth about it is that the current environment of people in law enforcement nowadays has made it more difficult than in recent years to recruit next generation police officers. There has been a great decline of interest over the past few years. This set of comprehensive law enforcement qualifications from Discover Policing can shed light to the requirements that candidates need to pass.

The expectations of the people to serve, along with the pressure of being qualified, make searching for individuals who are willing to serve and stay in the force a truly difficult job. We at Las Vegas Tactical understands this predicament more than any other police uniforms Las Vegas store that is why we strive to efficiently fulfill the uniform needs of police officers. We also know the depth of the standards law enforcement agencies try to uphold when recruiting and lowering it is just not in our vocabulary. We provide only the best and most effective tactical gear in our shop.

Qualities and Strategies That Can Qualify You for a Law Enforcement Position

In any law enforcement agency, cost is an inevitable issue when recruiting new officers. There is a certain amount of money needed to fully train candidates to their full potential and equip them with high quality police uniforms Las Vegas. From the recruitment stage to the time that they can fully function without training, agencies carry the recruits under their wings up to eighteen (18) months and can cash out more than $100,000 in the process. To add to this, they need an average of 4 years of service from the officers to be able to bring this investment back to their agency. But a job in law enforcement is considered to be one of the Top 10 Criminal Justice Jobs as provided by Criminal Justice Degree Hub, making it in-demand.

Competition is a constant trend during the recruitment process and we’ve heard a lot of stories about premature exits of candidates. Every agency yearns for the right mix of skills, abilities and holistic characteristics in selecting officers. And these skills, including honesty, level-headedness and drive for public service, are also highly encouraged in other public or private organizations.

Some officers, when hired, often look into the possibilities of early promotion or how much down time they can get on the job. But for some who are more interested in the very concept of serving their community, an excellent working environment counts more than the pay or benefits which is exactly the characteristic that any agency focuses on when recruiting. Candidates are also taught how to keep a Las Vegas police uniforms during training and to be able to wear it with pride even after the recruitment process is a big achievement for the agency itself. Tactical uniforms are vital in any law enforcement agency and we offer excellent group accounts at Las Vegas Tactical for organizations that need large orders of uniforms.

But even the best candidates are led astray and the following factors are what pushes them to leave and seek for other opportunities.

  • Low Salary

Earning a college degree is a big trend in today’s generation and this fact has made them believe in higher expectations with regards to salaries. If an opportunity in law enforcement arises but do not meet their earning expectations, they are more prone to avoid it. What new generation officers fail to understand is that a low salary in early service is equivalent to a potentially lucrative retirement at the end of their career.

  • Disqualifying Habits

With the rise of tolerance against drug use and minor crimes comes the increase of more young people engaging in habits and behaviours that can potentially disqualify them to be accepted in the force. This is a problem that every agency encounters when recruiting for people who can wear the badge with honor and pride.

  • No Regard For Physical Fitness

Obesity and a low, or zero, regard for a healthy and fit lifestyle can endanger a candidate’s dream of serving his community. The current sedentary life of younger generations fail to work with the law enforcement’s drive to efficiently enforce the law. There is a certain standard that agencies strictly uphold when it comes to physical fitness because of the rigorous training and service, not to mention representing the law in a well-fitted Las Vegas police uniforms. Having a perfectly tailored uniform can be achieved with our tailoring services at Las Vegas Tactical. We offer high quality embroidery and adjustments to tactical uniforms to fit our client’s needs.

Effective Recruitment Strategies For Law Enforcement

Career fairs and workshops have been effective in past years but have now been proven to decrease chances of recruitments. Police agencies are rethinking their recruitment process, according to a news article from ABC, and now expected to develop a strategic and effective plan in hiring and retaining officers who can reflect the service and the community. Lowering the standards of recruitment should never be encouraged and a good retention plan can combat this.

  1. Agencies should select candidates that identify with the community they are supposed to serve. They should be recruited according to their compatibility and capability in achieving the agency’s goals and understanding the demographics. They should also look into hiring people from all walks of life as this represents an agency’s respect for the community’s diversity. If the officer and the agency meets halfway with their beliefs, commitments and goals, the pairing is more likely to work efficiently and maintain a good working environment.
  2. A thorough and quick hiring process can be a big step in increasing recruits. Long interviews, background checks and testing that can stretch for hours and days can discourage potential officers to stay for the process. Shaving off time, if an agency can, will definitely show positive reviews from candidates. Agencies should also look into finding a police uniform store Las Vegas that can cater to a large group after the hiring process is done. We offer only the most trusted tactical brands in Las Vegas Tactical with the biggest range of selection no other shop has.
  3. It is important to make newly hired officers feel comfortable and that they belong in an agency and in order to do this, all existing employees and officers should understand, by heart, their vision and mission. Agencies should prioritize and develop traits and characteristics that their community needs. This can inspire candidates to serve and protect their neighborhoods. Officers should also be on the lookout for potential candidates even when down time hours.
  4. Agencies should never lower their standards just to fill the positions. They must always seek for candidates who can reflect their organization not just in wearing the uniform but also in enforcing the law. It is vital to heed to the community’s need for trustworthy and able officers and to do this, an agency should always hire the right person for the job. Just like any successful organization, our commitment to serving our client’s needs is a vital part of our success as the biggest police uniform store Las Vegas. Las Vegas Tactical don’t only target people in law enforcement but also people in the EMT field as well as firefighters.

Selling your agency on social media can go a long way. According to Hendon Publishing, engaging with millennials is one of theefficient ways of law enforcement recruitment. In a generation that is socially driven, having constant updates about the agency can really help bring in young people. Post about your achievements on Facebook, highlight police activities and celebrations on Instagram or engage in small talks and answer queries on Twitter to lure in recruits and candidates. This can prove to the young generation that your agency understands their need for information and diversity, and that you can ride with them through the changing times.

Police Uniforms Las Vegas Come with Great Honor and Responsibility

In the recruitment process, when a recruitment officer interviews you, the agency is really figuring out if you fit well with other people and how you can do the job in different working environments. Each agency has a certain set of aspirations they are looking for in a candidate. Their officers share the same greatness and only want the best for the agency – this means that they also want someone who can work alongside them and commit to the same goals.

Being competent and skilled are good factors, but being a good person is basically what any agency would die for in a candidate. If you want to join the force, being knowledgeable about the Five Things You Didn’t Know About Body Armor can really help you in achieving your goals – along with wearing the perfect tactical uniform. Tru-Spec, Armor Express, Blauer – we have all the best tactical brands at Las Vegas Tactical! Choose the best uniform today by dropping by our shop at 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite. Or call us at (702)739-7070!

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