Military Boots: The Evolution of Tactical Footwear

Military Boots: The Evolution of Tactical Footwear

There are a few things more important to soldiers than mobility and agility. For this reason, they need the right kind of military boots. Good quality boots protect the soldier’s feet whatever kind of terrain they need to navigate. While they can easily be found in most uniform stores in Las Vegas these days, they were underappreciated for a while.

Before the American civil war, only the army generals had the privilege of wearing this tactical gear. The soldiers only wore shoes. By the First World War, most army personnel were already given their own pair of military boots. Old military boots use hobnails. More modern ones have better grip on different types of surfaces and are more durable. The hobnails were replaced by rubber grips that are etched perfectly into the sole of the boots.

Uniform stores in Las Vegas, including Las Vegas Tactical, carry the best military boots produced by advanced machineries. The evolution of this important military gear can be traced to World War II when the high number of fatalities opened the eyes of decision makers. Fighters who wore insufficient armor and scant foot protection were killed in the battlefield. When officials noticed the crucial role these boots played in the success and survival of soldiers, they started looking for ways to create high quality boots.

By the end of the Second World War, we saw men and women wearing bluchers which are now more popularly known as brogues. Bluchers used by military personnel were black, had heavy heels and soles, and are tied with laces. The newer ones are made of lighter materials but are still as sturdy.

Modern military boots do not only focus on stability and utility. They have also become more fashionable than their earlier versions. They improve the wearer’s gait while also protecting the feet from cold and sharp objects. This is the role of especially deigned soles. You will find that uniform stores in Las Vegas offer both regular military boots and ones that have specialized soles.

Military boots used to be made only with leather. As technology improved, newer and better materials came. The mix of leather and canvas gave rise to insulated and waterproof military boots. These types are essential when the mission is taking place in a damp and wet area.

The key element of a good quality military boots is the material used in both the body and the soles. The soles need to provide the right amount of friction while the body provides stability. Nowadays, they are used even by non-military individuals because of their aesthetic and functional appeal.

If it is military boots that you are looking for, Las Vegas Tactical should be where you’re headed. We have a large selection of tactical footwear in store. If you have any questions about the products we carry, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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