Why You Should Master Your Las Vegas Tactical Gear

Why You Should Master Your Las Vegas Tactical Gear

When you go to a Las Vegas tactical gear store or a gun show and see something you badly need, would you ask questions about it? If you are issued a new weapon, would you act like Dr. Know-it-All and decide not to read the user manual? There is a trite phrase that says real cops don’t read directions. Are you guilty of this?

A Word of Caution about your Las Vegas Tactical Gear

Just because you are smart enough to get it out of its packaging does not mean you are smart enough to use it properly without consulting the manual. It is always best to read the departmental policy and procedures if the new item you are handling is described as a tactical gear. There are things that are not allowed or illegal in your state. It might put your career at risk if you are not careful.

Even Holsters Need Mastery

There is a story told by one of the top holster designers and tactical gear Las Vegas consultants. It happened during the time when the police force traded the Border Patrol-style holsters with what is now known as the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 holsters.

There were instructions written about the proper use of the new holster as well as instructional videos and lesson plans that will help in the transition. The company marketing the product recommended a few changes after reviewing his work.

The instructions recommended doing repetitive exercises to develop muscle memory. It recommended extensive practice before wearing the holster to actual police duty. The business people argued that because the product is a cool tactical gear, every officer would want to have one. The recommendations would be included only as fine print. We are all lucky that firearms instructors understood what the designer was trying to say and included it in their instructions for semi-auto transitions.

This is Where to Get Your Tactical Gear

Remember that when under real stress, your performance is likely to be less satisfactory than when in training. Practice using your tactical gear as often as you can. And whatever gear you need, only buy the highest quality. You can find them at Las Vegas Tactical where you can choose from the largest selection of tactical gear in Las Vegas. We are not only the largest tactical store in the area, we also offer all the services you need from tailoring, embroidery, and custom order especially for corporate or group accounts.

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