From Las Vegas Police Uniforms To Plainclothes: Concealed Carry Considerations For Female Officers

From Las Vegas Police Uniforms To Plainclothes: Concealed Carry Considerations For Female Officers

Las Vegas police uniforms make it easy for female cops to carry their guns.  However, when they change into plain, civilian clothing, they are posed with a lot of issues.  Normal men’s clothing allow them to carry their guns discreetly.  It is like their garments were made with holding weapons in mind.  Unfortunately, for their female counterparts, it is not the same case.  If you are a female officer and you are having trouble with concealed carry as you change from your police uniforms (Las Vegas) to plainclothes, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Focus On Your Hips

Your hip area is the most important part of your body that you need to consider.  Women’s pants rarely have belt loops.  If ever there are, they are often too skinny to hold a gun-hanging belt, or they are sewn too far apart from each other that they are not capable of supporting a holster.  In fact, some women’s pants don’t even have pockets to begin with!  This can be extremely frustrating, but if you look hard enough in the market, there are pants for women that still have the attributes you are looking for, like belt loops.  Your last resort is to find a pair of pants that you love and take them to a tailor who can customize them just for you.

Give Your Top Priority

Many women’s tops are either very fitted or too short to tuck.  Many blouses are designed too to be worn over the top of the pants, and this can cause quite a problem when you are in a dangerous situation.  Imagine yourself needing to draw your gun quickly to nab a suspect but you end up grabbing a handful of your blouse.  As a responsible officer, you do not want this kind of hassle.  Your solution?  Simply look for tops that can be tucked away from anything that hinders quick access to your side arm.

Let’s Talk About Shoes

Women do not only love their shoes.  They are crazy about it!  Some women won’t even leave the house if they are not wearing the “right footwear.”  When it comes to shoes, the challenge is finding the balance between function and fashion.  In a crime scene, open-toed shoes are a huge no no.  You have to consider stability and functionality.  Will you be able to run in them without twisting your ankle?  Many female officers prefer dress flats as they do not limit physical activity when carrying a gun.  So next time you go shoe shopping, be wary.  Peel your eyes away from those killer heels!

Police Uniforms (Las Vegas) And Custom Tailoring

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