Knowing More From A Police Uniform Store (Las Vegas): Why Cops Wear Blue

Las Vegas police uniforms

Knowing More From A Police Uniform Store (Las Vegas): Why Cops Wear Blue

Going to a police uniform store Las Vegas, you’d see law enforcement uniforms colored in blue most of the time.  No, it didn’t originate from countless TV shows and movies.  There should be a thorough explanation on why it is so.  There’s actually a quite simple explanation a to why the color blue got chosen.  Let’s talk about how the law enforcement personnel of today stick to the color blue.  So listen close, because you might find these new learnings quite interesting.

Origins of The Blue Uniforms

If you see a person on the street wearing a slick blue uniform, you’d think they’re a cop right away.  It’s already embedded on our minds that blue is the color of the police force.  And it’ll be interesting to know how this came about.  Why blue?

It actually began in United Kingdom as early as 1828 according to Skaggs.  Police officers wore long, blue swallow-tail coats with high collars.  This was the first time in history where the color blue got chosen as the official color of a police uniform.  In the late 1800s, the United States joined the bandwagon of standardized uniforms.  New York, Boston, and Chicago suited up with surplus military attire.  These were navy blue suits and a stove-pipe hats.  That’s where it all began.  Today, military-style uniforms are usually implemented.  But still, the color blue lived on until now.

Why Is It Blue Again?

We don’t have to dig deeper to find out why blue is the color of law enforcement uniforms.  It’s pretty simple.  One of its functions is that it’s easier to clean and maintain according to Today I Found Out.  If you think about it, their decision makes total sense.  It would be pretty hard to clean thousands of uniforms in bright/light colors, right?  They may have pondered about it many a night.  Which color was the easiest to clean?  Then, the color blue made the cut.

Where To Buy The Best Security Uniforms Las Vegas

If you were to choose the color of uniform you’d want, you’d select one that’s functional.  Choosing the color blue for police uniforms is actually a rational decision.  And we know the best place to get Las Vegas police uniforms.  Drop by 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite B-20 Las Vegas, NV 89104 and you’ll find Las Vegas Tactical.  This is the best police uniform store Las Vegas you can find.  For inquiries, you can call (702) 739-7070.

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