Know the History and Evolution of the Vegas Chef Uniform

Know the History and Evolution of the Vegas Chef Uniform

The chef uniform is something that any wearer should be proud of. Behind the immaculate white uniforms of these uniforms are hundreds of years of history and technological developments. Here is a look at the history and evolution of the chef uniform.

The Toque

The toque or the chef’s hat has a history that goes back to ancient Assyrian times. During these times, poisoning was an easy way of getting rid of enemies so royal chefs had a high position in society and were highly trusted by the rulers. To distinguish them from other workers, they were entitled to wear fabric crowns similar to the royals. This is where the practice started but the term toque was coined by Auguste Ecoffier, the father of modern cuisine. The design of the toque commonly seen in uniform stores helps impose professionalism and rank in the kitchen while also keeping sweat off the brow and keeping the head cool.

The Jacket

In an article in Prue Leith, the double breasted chef jacket has been around ever since 1822. During those times until now, this design was both practical and fashionable. The double breasted design helped protect chefs from heat while also making it easier for them to keep looking clean.

The Side Towel

The side towel is a small but very essential part of the uniform. These accessories are present in Las Vegas uniform stores for a good reason. These towels should mainly be used to pick up hot pans. When not used to protect the hands, it should be tucked safely behind the chef’s apron.

The Apron

The apron is wrapped around the mid-section to protect both the chef and the uniform.

The Trousers

It is common to see checkered trousers along the chef’s needs like Dickies Las Vegas in uniform stores. This pattern was designed so that stains while cooking can be easily disguised.

The Shoes

Ideally, chose used in the kitchen should be able to protect the wearers from any mishaps such as falling knives and pots and slipping. Hard leather shoes that are slip resistant are the ideal shoes to be used.

The Necktie

The necktie was originally used to wipe off sweat in the hot kitchens of the past. It also serves the purpose of keeping the neck and throat protected from the temperature fluctuations from the stove and fridge.

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