Kevlar vs. Carbon Fiber: Which Makes a Better Top Body Armor

Kevlar vs. Carbon Fiber: Which Makes a Better Top Body Armor

Kevlar and carbon fiber are among the most durable materials.  Because of their sturdiness, they are often used in various areas such as aviation and car manufacturing.  In the field of law enforcement, these two materials are used to make body armor specifically to create protective inserts for bullet proof vests.  Kevlar and carbon fiber may indeed have similar uses but they also have some differences.  So which of them is better?

The good and the bad

Kevlar and carbon fiber differ greatly in their composition.  Kevlar, which is considered as superior over any other fabric, was built at a microscopic level so its strands are poured in a liquid form.  Because of this, the material has great moisture management characteristics.

Meanwhile, carbon fiber is made by pasting graphite strands over a mold.  With epoxy resin, the strands are pasted in a cross positioning pattern.  This technique gives the fiber its strength.

Both Kevlar and carbon fiber are capable of providing proper protection to the wearer.  However, Kevlar proves to be more rigid.  It only buckles when subject to compression.   Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is not so effective in protecting the wearer against sharp weapons.  It has advantage over Kevlar, though, in cases where high temperatures are involved.

Although carbon fiber appears thick, it is relatively lighter in comparison with Kevlar.  This is why it is favored by bike enthusiasts, car racers and aircraft builders.  However, if you are in need of extra strong protection, then Kevlar is the safer choice.  With its extra layer, it can provide a better level of safety.

When it comes to flexibility, carbon fiber definitely triumphs over Kevlar.  Because it is made to provide protection from projectiles, Kevlar body armor are stiff and rigid.  They provide very little to no flexibility at all.  Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is quite flexibility and its thickness can easily be adjusted.  Additionally, its flexibility aids in minimizing impact.

Where to buy the right top body armor

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