Keep Your Tactical Uniform Sharp with These Helpful Tips

Keep Your Tactical Uniform Sharp with These Helpful Tips

In America’s law enforcement, the appearance of a professional uniform is deemed of great importance as it is the strongest representation of the agency. Public perception about the uniform, whether negative or positive, is greatly affected by how an officer performs his job by his looks however unfair it may seem. Anyone who has served and in the force was once taught how to keep their tactical gears neat but the moment they leave, dressing properly may prove to be a difficult task. Getting the best quality uniforms from a trusted uniform store Las Vegas leads you one step closer to achieving that crisp, neat look that can last through wear and tear – and Las Vegas Tactical has it all. We are a uniform place like no other because of our largest range of tactical gear selection that boasts only the trusted tactical brands like Propper, Fenix, Armor Express and Blauer, to mention a few.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Traditional uniforms are classified differently from tactical gear, according to law enforcement publication Law Officer. Tactical uniforms include BDU or TDU-style clothing or jumpsuit for special assignments and includes boots as opposed to dress shoes and a combat helmet or cap. Since tactical gears have softer fabrics compared to traditional uniforms, they are much harder to iron and crease to maintain the sharpness. Doing a military crease on your gear from a Las Vegas uniform store is often required in law enforcement and learning how to do it without the use of a dry cleaner can save you a lot of money. It is also important to make sure that the uniform fits perfectly on you especially on your neck. The general rule is you should be able to fir both your middle and index fingers between your neck and the collar comfortably. When ironing, you can use a cardboard underneath soft pocket or flaps to do an easier job of it. Starching is the common method in keeping them crispy, but you can also use a hairspray when you can’t get a hold of starch.

Police uniforms induce feelings of safety, according to a study from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, so it’s really important that you maintain its cleanliness – even just polishing your boots. We make it easier for organizations and individuals to choose their kind of uniform at Las Vegas Tactical because of our customization services. As a uniform store in Las Vegas, we also offer tailoring and embroidery especially on markets that need this kind of service such as police officers, military, security guards and the like.

Get Your Tactical Gear From The Best Uniform Store Las Vegas

Whether it’s Choosing The Right Pair of Tactical Pants or picking out the right fabric – Las Vegas Tactical offers it all for you. Visit our store today at 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite or call us at (702)739-7070 for more information.

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