How to Keep Your Tactical Knife Sharp

How to Keep Your Tactical Knife Sharp

If you are a fan of action star Sylvester Stallone, you would already know that a tactical knife could easily help you evade your opponents.  It is therefore safe to conclude that a sharp tactical knife should be on top of your list of thebest tactical gear Las Vegas. Remember, a sharp knife cuts at the right places fast. For a reliable knife, buy only from a trusted brand like 5.11 Tactical. It is also important to keep your weapon sharp at all time by following the tips below.

Do-It-Yourself Sharpening

What type is your knife? That’s the first thing you need to know when sharpening your own tool. You need to know what kind of angle it has. Most of them have angles between 10 and 30 degrees, so it is safe to sharpen your Las Vegas tactical gear according to these levels. One trick is to place two pennies under the blade. Prop the knife above the coins to get a perfect 15-20 degree angle. Take the pennies off and then sharpen as you normally would.

Sharpening may be done by grinding and honing. Grinding reduces the steel while honing levels out and buffs. There is, however, a third stage that you can skip. But because it works wonders, you may find it worth your time. It is called the stripping stage where the blades are passed up and down a leather material to clear the burrs.

Tools for Sharpening Your Tactical Knife

  • Whetstone – It is the most commonly used sharpening tool. It is used by wetting the knife and comes in various grades or grit size.
  • Diamond stone – This tool can sharpen various things like fish hooks, awls, and serrated blades.
  • Sand paper – It is also called grit paper. It is a kind of rough paper used to sharpen or make wood, metal, and other materials smooth.
  • Pull-through sharpeners – They are easy to use. You only slide the knife a few times through the coarsest groove then head on to the less coarse part. Most of them have either 2 or 3 different grooves.

Where to Get Your Best Tactical Gear Las Vegas

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