Why Hybrid Chest Rigs are Better for Cops

Why Hybrid Chest Rigs are Better for Cops

Traditional Las Vegas police uniform like the belt holster makes it hard for cops to carry a backpack and a sidearm. The leg or thigh holster isn’t all that great either as there doesn’t seem to be a perfect elevation that makes everything comfortable. If the rig hangs low on the leg, the gun slams on everything that’s in your way. Meanwhile, a moving holster makes it difficult to draw a gun fast.

The Hybrid Solution

A hybrid chest rig can be made by assembling an Alaska chest harness and a plastic Safariland ALS holster. The result is a rig that allows the wearer to move the pistol around to a position that does not slam o anything or interfere with theLas Vegas police uniform.

Who Should Wear the Hybrid Chest Rig

There are many police assignments where the hybrid chest rig would prove to be beneficial. However, it is best suited for back country cops who wear backpacks all the time or ride a horse or drive an ATV. The hybrid rig stays in place even with all the movement and it doesn’t get in the way when cops draw the gun.

The hybrid chest rig I also a perfect fit for park angers who need to ride the snowmobile patrol. Sadly, these cops only have home-made rigs. It would be great if their department sponsored professionally made rigs. Hybrid rigs like the one I made are great for cops who need to put on snow suits and heavy parkas. This makes it possible for the cops to carry their weapons both outside and inside their clothes.

While traditional holsters like those used in World War II lets the weare carry a 1911 almost vertically along the left side of the chest, a hybrid chest rig makes carrying a 1911 on an ATV trip over a bumpy terrains comfortable. It did not interfere with the backpack either. However, a third back strap was necessary to keep the gun from flailing.

Hybrid chest rigs makes everything a lot easier to do. From one-hand draws to re-holstering and locking the gun in place. If this is what you need you will find that at the biggest Las Vegas police uniform store. Their tailor can provide you with a professionally made hybrid chest rig. At Las Vegas Tactical you can have that done and maybe even add an embroidered name to it. Are you a security company? You can avail of their corporate account for more perks. Call 702-739- 7070 today!

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