Five Things You Didn’t Know About Body Armor

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Body Armor

We are the leading provider of the best tactical gears in Las Vegas. We, however, do not wish to stop at that. It is our goal to share with you the most relevant information in the industry. That being said, here are the most vital facts about body armor.

It is Hot and Heavy

The soft armor weighs approximately 5 to 6 pounds. It can, however, exhaust your energy if you aren’t used to wearing one. The plate armor is even heavier. Moving quickly is next to impossible when you are wearing it. You might be able to handle the weight, but the heat will more likely leave you breathless. The solution: stay hydrated and choose the right fit. Visit Las Vegas Tactical and talk to our seamstress to make sure that your body armor has a snug fit.

It Affects Your Posture

Whether you are wearing had plates or soft armor, your shooting stance is still affected by body armor. Wearing body armor has favorable effect on a soldiers shooting a target closer than 150 meters. It has a negative effect, however, when the target is farther than 200 meters. This is according to a thesis by Gary R. Kramlich II submitted to the Naval Postgraduate School.

You Can Get Choked When Wearing Body Armor

Be extra careful when engaged in a physical fight and you are wearing body armor. Once you end up lying on your back, the opponent can use the vest to choke you by pushing it high under your chin. He or she can also push your head so that your chin touches your chest, rendering you unconscious.

Exposure to UV Light and Water Can Cause Damage

Las Vegas Tactical body armors are of high quality. They can, however, lose a few protective properties when exposed to moisture and high temperature for a long period of time. For this reason, when looking for the best tactical gears in Las Vegas, you don’t need to check the expiration date. It is the mileage that matters most. An old but slightly used body armor has better protective capability than a relatively newer one that’s worn every day.

Soft Body Armor Can Shield Your Body from Most Sharp Weapons

Soft body armor protects you from blunt force trauma. Additionally, their fabrics are woven in a manner that prevents injury from thick-bladed weapons. It can take several slashing without you being severely injured. You need to be careful, however, when the opponent is armed with an ice pick or a something similar. There are people who have mastered the ice-pic grip which makes penetration against soft body armor possible. If you have enough reasons to be concerned about your safety, we recommend buying concealable soft armor. It can protect you from almost all sorts of gun shots. You can wear it under a loose fitting shirt so that you can keep a low profile. Also look at other tactical gears in Las Vegas store like ceramic or composite plates for added protection.

If you are ready to purchase body armor, then you know where to go. We have a huge selection of tactical gear in store and we’re sure that we will have something that will fit your preferences. Give us a call today or better yet, give us a visit! We would love to serve you!

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