First Aid Kit Essentials: What to Prepare Before Going into the Wild

First Aid Kit Essentials: What to Prepare Before Going into the Wild

What is the one thing that campers and hikers should never go without? The answer: a first aid kit. Why? Becausetactical gear Las Vegas, especially first aid kits are necessary to your survival in the wild. They let you act capably in the face of injuries and emergencies.

Why Build Your Own Kit?

Building your own first aid kit means you know exactly what’s in it. We suggest that you make the effort of learning how to use its contents. So before you pack up and head to the wilderness, make sure you have the necessary survival gear in your bags.

What Should Go into Your First Aid Kit?

  • Snake poison kits – Before reaching the mountains, you will likely be traversing terrains where dealing with snakes and crocodiles is a possibility. Find out about the kinds of snakes inhabiting the area you are going to and what types of snake poison kits you need to bring.
  • Antiseptics – Cuts and wounds are common injuries in camping and hiking. Bring peroxide and iodine ampules to clean them. Alcohol pads could also be included for cleaning unbroken skin before draining blisters o disinfecting instruments such as scissors and tweezers. Also bring bandages, although duct tapes also work great in sealing the wound after disinfecting it.
  • Antibiotics – If you will be staying in the wilderness for a long time, having antibiotics in hand can help greatly. It is possible to get prescription for broad spectrum antibiotics for emergency kits like ciprofloxacin and erythromycin. Painkillers should also be brought along. These supplies should be stored in tactical gear Las Vegas medical bags to keep them safe from moisture and deterioration.
  • Anti-allergies – You could be exposed to serious allergens in the wild. If you have companions with severe food allergies, you should definitely bring Benadryl and antihistamines. Epinephrine injections are also lifesavers in cases of anaphylactic shock.

When going into the wild, it is necessary to be prepared for the worst. If minor injuries and emergencies happen, you need to have a survival plan already set. Most campers and hikers don’t even know how to build their own first aid kit. So we came up with these tips to help you start with the basics.

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