Fenix Las Vegas: Not Your Typical Flashlight

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Fenix Las Vegas: Not Your Typical Flashlight

There are tons of moments that you would need a Fenix Las Vegas flashlight.  Lots of things can happen in the dark.  Contrary to popular belief, not only good things happen in the dark.  Creatures with bad intentions also happen to be lurking in the dark, well most of the time.  Imagine walking alone in a dark alley with no one around and someone approaches you.  You may have been a step ahead if you had flashlight, right?

What’s a Tactical Flashlight Again?

Placing the word tactical doesn’t only make something cool.  It means that it has capabilities other products can’t do.  Think of the tactical pants compared to the regular slacks.  You can’t wear regular slacks in the wilderness, can you?  According to Wikipedia, it’s defined as a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm.  Today, not only is it used by military and law enforcement.  It can also be a method of non-lethal force.  What sets tactical flashlights apart are its durability and capabilities.  Most tactical flashlights are shock resistant and have high light intensity.  Most of them don’t go lower than 130 lumens.  Tactical flashlights are also smaller than the conventional ones we often use.

Tactical Flashlight Used for Self-Defense

Many situations call for immediate action.  Having something in handy is better than having nothing at all.  It’s better safe than sorry.  Imagine yourself in that situation.  What would you do?  Firearms are most of the time a first option for self-defense.  Knives can also be a good choice.  But these items are often restricted for some.  You can also conceal them because of their discreet nature.  Using the blinding light from it, you can disorient perpetrators for some time.  This should give you enough time to plan your next move.  You can either get out of the area, or strike them with the flashlight. Running to a public place is a good move according to Tacticalogy.  Shooting would be the last resort. That is if you have the flashlight mounted to a firearm.

Las Vegas Fenix Tactical Flashlights Taking Center Stage

I’m the kind of person who thought flashlights should be somewhere inside a kitchen drawer.  Tactical flashlights aren’t meant for that.  Given their specifications, the kitchen drawer is holding them back.  Fenix Las Vegas is one of the best brands out there.  So if you’re looking to buy Fenix in Las Vegas, drop by 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite B-20 Las Vegas, NV 89104.  Las Vegas Tactical would be glad to help.

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