How Do You Choose the Right Tactical Knife?

How Do You Choose the Right Tactical Knife?

Officers need to be safe whether on or off duty. They need to carry a handy weapon which they can use when their firearms run out of rounds. This is why tactical knives are popular among law enforcement officials. This type of tactical gear Las Vegas is small and seemingly harmless compared to guns. But if put in the right hands, it can be as deadly. Are you thinking of purchasing one? Here are some things you will need to consider as you look for the right knife.

How it Will be Used

The shape and size of the knife you need to buy depends highly on its main purpose. Will you use it for survival, defense, or for hunting? This is a factor that you need to consider because there are knives made specifically for these purposes.

For example, a utility knife has lots of differences from a tactical knife. Detectives and SWAT team members use a more sophisticated knife than one that you see in the kitchen. A knife, therefore, helps a lot in your survival or in carrying out your duty if you choose the right type for specific purposes.

The Size and Shape of its Blade

Various knife models have different kinds of blades. Each of them have their own purposes. Knives with a plain edge blade is used for a clean slice. Knives with a straight edge and a cupped edge on the other side are effective in piercing. Hunters use the drop point blade which has a curved blade on both side.

The Design of the Handle

The handle design is also an important factor to consider when buying a tactical knife. It must be comfortable enough when you grip the handle. Be wary of those with rough or sharp parts that might pinch or pierce your palm.

There will be lots of times when your situation calls for quick response or a firm grip on the knife handle. Your fingers should slip easily into place when you grasp the handle. Your Las Vegas tactical gear should feel comfortable and painless even while being held for a long time.

Best Place to Get Your Tactical Gear Las Vegas

Your knife can save your life so choose carefully. Follow this guideline to make the right purchase. In Las Vegas, there is only one place you should go to when purchasing tactical gear like knives. Las Vegas Tactical is your one-stop shop for all of your Vegas tactical gear needs. Aside from tactical knives, we can also provide you with shoes, pants, armor, flash lights and other products from trusted brands like 5.11 Tactical. We also offer an on-site tailoring and embroidery service for our clients. Do you have questions about our products? Give us a call today.

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