How to Choose the Right Body Armor

How to Choose the Right Body Armor

People have already been wearing personal armor since the ancient times.  A good example were knights during the medieval period.  Although their protective gear was heavy and cumbersome, it did its job effectively.  Nowadays, personal armor has evolved significantly.  It weighs lighter giving the wearer more mobility.  But just because it got more comfortable doesn’t mean it is no longer effective. It still gets the job done and even protects the wearer from bullets.

Types of modern body armor

The modern body armor is made of strong materials that can withstand blunt force trauma and resist penetration by a specific type of caliber of given bullet weight traveling at a particular velocity range.  It is classified into three kinds: soft, semi-rigid and hard.

Soft armor is the most commonly used and it is capable of resisting handgun rounds.  Semi-rigid plates, meanwhile, are crafted to protect from blunt force trauma. They are made of lightweight materials giving the wearer extra protection without compromising comfort. Lastly, hard armor is made of sturdier materials like ceramic or metal so it can provide protection from modern battle carbines.

What type is right for you

When choosing the right body armor, first determine the level of protection you will need.  For instance, if you work on dangerous missions like raids, a hard armor is your best choice.  At minimum, choose something that will resist the rounds from the gun you are carrying.

However, do not make the mistake of sacrificing protection for comfort.  If you are uncomfortable in your armor, you are likely to leave it at home instead of using it.

Additionally, make sure that you are measured correctly when purchasing a body armor.  Your vest isn’t supposed to ride up into your throat when squatting, sitting or bending.

When shopping for a hard armor, you should be willing to put in time and effort to try it on and mount your carbine.  Put your tactical gear, Las Vegas on it and move with it.  Are you unable to mount your weapon properly?  Does it prevent you from moving efficiently?

If your job involves working in higher threat environments, you may also want to invest in shoulder and groin protection.  But before buying groin protection, test it out by running in it.

Where to buy your body armor

Because it is your personal protection at stake, you should buy your body armor only from the best.  Since 2011, Las Vegas Tactical has been serving various Law Enforcement Offices and organizations.  We are currently the leading provider of tactical gear, Las Vegas so we are confident that you will find the right body armor in our store.  We also have a dedicated seamstress onsite to make sure your chosen body armor fits you perfectly.  Come and visit us to see our selection of top-notch tactical gears!

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