Camping Tips Every Guy Should Know

Camping Tips Every Guy Should Know

Whether done in the company of friends or family, camping is always a fun activity. Non-campers might think it is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and having the right tactical gear Las Vegas, you can enjoy your camping experience whether it’s going to be your first or nth time roughing it in a tent. The more nights you spend sleeping under the stars, the better your mental health will be. Just a little walk in nature reduces depression, according to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. Here the most important camping tips to make it more enjoyable:

Choose the Right Camping Site

A good campsite is key to a great outdoor experience. A poor one could cause problems. Avoid popular camping sites during peak seasons. Pick a durable surface to set your tent on and stay at least 200 feet away from water.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

When outdoors, your body adjusts its demand for water. Drink more water than you would when you are indoors. Bring a water bottle or two. The Limited Edition Liberty Water Bottle from Propper is an essential Las Vegas tactical gear for every camper.

Avoid Pitching Your Tent Downwind

If you place your tent in the direction in which the wind is blowing, fumes and smoke will ruin the experience for you. Place it carefully so that it faces the sunset and away from the sunrise.

Bring Enough Nutritious and Safe Food

Consider the length of the trip you are taking when packing food. They should be easy to carry, lightweight, and non-perishable. The most common food items for camping are trail mix, energy bars, dried fruits, ready-made tuna salad pouches, meat jerky, canned fish, ready-to-eat cereal, and whole grain tortillas. Also, think of food-related tools you will need.

Always Carry a First Aid Kit

This is a rule of thumb in camping. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of medicines. Antihistamines, antibiotics, and disinfectants are necessary. Your first aid kit should be placed in an efficient pouch such as the 5.11 Tactical 6.6 Med Pouch.

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