Which is Better, Tactical or Traditional Uniforms?

Which is Better, Tactical or Traditional Uniforms?

Officers are often judged by their cover.  This means what you wear on duty greatly affects how people in the community perceive you.  If you are dressed professionally, you are deemed as prepared and reliable.  People feel that you are someone they can trust to protect the community and they respect your authority.

Additionally, your appearance does not only reflect on you, but also on your entire department and fellow law enforcement officials throughout the country.

Tactical vs. traditional uniforms

The issue between tactical and traditional uniforms has long been debated.  Which of the two is better?

Traditional uniforms are more formal and authoritative.  Sometimes referred to as “Class A” uniforms, they include dress-style shirt and pants with sharp creases.  Footwear is laced black shoes. The police hat can either be round or eight-point and features a badge. Furthermore, some traditional uniforms also reflect the history of a department.

Because people can easily identify them as servants of the community, officers who wear traditional uniforms are surprisingly approached by more people. Apparently, traditional uniforms make officers appear more service-oriented.

Meanwhile, tactical uniforms are more practical. They give off that ready-for-anything vibe. Also called as “Class B” uniforms, they include cargo pants and BDU or TDU-style shirts. For special assignments, some police officers wear jumpsuits which are considered as “Class C” uniforms. Footwear is boots and the hat can be a combat helmet or a baseball cap type.

Although officers in tactical uniforms are deemed to be less approachable, people view them as reliable. These are the men that people trust to rescue them from actual danger and that is quite true.

Officers in tactical uniforms are dressed for any situation. Their clothing allows them to bring all the necessary gears that they need to do their job. And because the material used in creating tactical uniforms are softer, officers wearing Class B and Class C uniforms can move more efficiently.

Which is which?

The answer is it depends. There is no uniform that will work for all possible situations. You can’t exactly walk into a formal ceremony in a tactical uniform without feeling out place, right? Nor can you chase down a bad guy when you are scared of damaging your expensive traditional uniform. Many departments require officers to use a mix and we think that is a great call.

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