Armor Express Las Vegas

Armor Express Las Vegas

Armor Express Las Vegas


Have you remembered the time when our ancestors defended their lands with a bow and arrow wearing loincloths and nothing else? Technology has evolved so much over the centuries that even the hand-made arrow cannot penetrate the sophisticated and advanced self-defense gear that we have developed now. In this world nothing is constant, the lack of respect, discipline, cultural differences, and political unrest would oblige you to get appropriate personal protective equipment such as bulletproof and stab-proof vests, which, of course, have become an essential gear selection in the day to day life of our law enforcement professionals. Inadequate safety measures would most likely put an individual at risk. It’s a matter of survival. These safety measure and protective gear are relevant to those professionals protecting us from foreign threats and hostile groups, as well as our law enforcement folks engaging with destructive, abusive and hostile member of our society. We have to accept the fact that body armor has become a necessity within our local law enforcement agencies and homeland security professionals.

According to In Public Safety, there has been a huge rise in the number of homegrown extremists in the past decade. We, at Las Vegas Tactical, are one of the most trusted names when it come to the retail of such gear. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Armor Express but as you should know, it is one of the leading companies when it comes to body armor. A company which holds a wealth of experience and product knowledge in the body armor industry. Many of their skilled workers possess more than 30 years experience, Armor Express is able to provide top-quality body armor that is second to none. Armor Express in Las Vegas will allow local law enforcement professional to hold their own against hostile threats in the neighborhood and at the same time give us a feeling of security, knowing that our front-line professionals have the proper gear to combat such threats. The fact that we recommend wearing protective gear and equipment is not suggesting that you’re in danger, neither does it suggest that you should get all jumpy and paranoid 24/7. We are simply saying that you have a better chance of remaining unscathed in the unlikely, but extremely possible event of something going haywire. Come to think of it, there’s always this small chance of something going wrong in any situation.

Armor Express Las Vegas is all about protection and increasing your chance of survival. Like, how many times have you watched movie where the protagonist that just got shot, and you assumed dead already, would stand up right after and revealing that he’s wearing a bulletproof vest? Exactly. Safety is cool.

The Possibility is Always There

Wearing protective equipment such as body armor can be directly compared as to wearing a seat belt. You don’t put on a seat belt because you know or believe nothing nasty is going to happen, or you know there is zero probability of a car crash. Despite the fact that you’re a skilled driver like the Stig from TopGear, or your car has just way too much advanced security features, we always concede to the fact that there is always this tiny chance that we might get in an accident. Well, we might get in an accident if someone’s not paying attention to the road, they may be texting or glanced at the cupholder to get their coffee. Or the situation could be that another vehicle having technical/mechanical errors would cause an accident, thus damaging or involving your car as well in the process.

Well, this happens, a lot. And you, my friend, have increased your chances of survival just by simply putting your seat belt on. We strongly believe that wearing body armor or protective clothing does the same thing in a nutshell. This is reality. Let’s put it this way. Even if you have this pleasing personality, soft tone of voice, and near-professional conflict management skills, you have to always keep in mind that there will always be people who won’t treat us well and do us harm regardless of how we react to the situation.

With these situations always being a possibility, we think that the body armor or bulletproof vest does the same thing as the seat belt you wear in your vehicle – increase your chances of survival and prevent injuries. Armor Express Las Vegas has a wide array of such equipment that can increase your chances of potentially evading the worst outcome. ‘Better safe than sorry’ and ‘Prevention is better than cure’ are two great sayings that we should keep in mind, and makes more sense in law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations. That’s why we, at Las Vegas Tactical, only offer the best products that we can acquire.Armor Express in Las Vegas ensure that you will come prepared for these situations at any given time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Protective Gear

Las Vegas Tactical is the largest supplier or tactical gear and apparel and we carry the most popular and trusted brands such as Armor Express in Las Vegas. Due to the fact that there are consistent threats from hostile forces in and out of the country, we should always make sure that we protect ourselves no matter where we go. Body armor and protective clothing is one thing. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right equipment fit for you. According to the National Institute of Justice,ballistic and other tests are conducted to gauge the potency of a manufacturer’s vests, soft panels and hard plates as well as to determine durability and lifespan of that armor. These tests are significant whenchoosing which protective equipment would be best for you. Let’s have a look at some of the things to consider when selecting your gear.

  • Threat Level In Your Line of Work

One of the first things that you need to consider when choosing your protective gear is the threat level you face when you are on the job. You should know the difference because soft armor may stop most sharp weapons but it’s not at all useful when there is a rifle threat. You need to first determine the situation that you’ll be possibly facing and the level of protection that you’re going to need.

  • Wear It: It’s Useless When It’s Not Worn

Well of course, body armor and protective vests can only do their specified tasks if you wear them. It is most essential to choose the right fit for you after you’ve identified the possible threat level you’re most likely to encounter in the field. Try to test-wear your options to get the feel of them and then gear up with all your accessories. You’ll have to feel comfortable wearing it and most of all, it should not limit your movements. That way, you can be effective in your job and stay protected at the same time.

  • The Perfect Fit

Body armor and protective clothing should cover key areas of your upper body (front, sides, and back). All dimensions should be measure and the proper placement should be considered as well. It’s also important to consider custom work depending on your body measurements. That’s why we at Las Vegas Tactical offer customization options to fit your needs especially with our Armor Express Las Vegas products.

Body armor and protective clothing could be the thin line between life and death and this is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Contact us at Las Vegas Tactical and we can make sure that you will be ready for what lies ahead no matter what it may be.

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