5.11 Tactical Las Vegas: The Only Tactical Pants You Need To Have

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5.11 Tactical Las Vegas: The Only Tactical Pants You Need To Have

5.11 Tactical Las Vegas.  There are a myriad of choices to choose from in the market today with regards to tactical pants.  This includes their color, price and style to name a few.  Selecting the best may be problematic for some since most of these brands promise the same benefits.  But nothing compares to the new product of 5.11 tactical Las Vegas.  The Apex Tactical Pants is a quality of its own and here are the reasons why.

Functional Pockets You Won’t Find In Other Brands

Tactical pants are more commonly known as BDU.  Battle Dress Uniforms, or camouflaged fatigues as Wikipedia would call it, are used as uniforms for combat situations.  It’s an important part of a tactical person’s wardrobe and needs to be comfortable and wearable all the time.  This is what the Apex Tactical Pants is made of.  It is primarily designed to be fully-deployable and answer all of its potential user’s input.  Its pockets are innovatively made, taking into consideration all the needs and risks that the user may encounter.  They are deep and big enough to accommodate magazines and other weapons.  It can even store several 20 round mags without the risk of stretching.  They also keep them organized using the small compartments sewn inside the side pockets.  But they are all hidden with a flap which makes it suitable to wear for other occasions and events.  These are just a few of the benefits you get from buying a Las Vegas 5.11 tactical from us at Las Vegas Tactical.  You can even have them embroidered and tailored to your specific size from our tailoring services inside the store.

Other Features That Make Las Vegas 5.11 Tactical Stand Out

Because it is meant for heavy-duty use, the company made sure to design it with only the best fabric material.  Flex-Tac makes the Apex Tactical Pants stretch for combat and comfort.  Airsoft Obsessed has even called it a revolutionary fabric for tactical gear.  The waistband is also flexible enough to fit anyone with ease and has strong belt hoops that can carry heavy gear.  One other amazing feature of the waistband is the hidden slot for cuffs which makes it discreet from civilians.  The 5.11 tactical in Las Vegas is fit to perfection.  It molds in your body so you look slimmer and fitter, and does not show off as baggy like other brands.  This professional wear is one of our top recommendations at Las Vegas Tactical.  They are clean and functional and even comes in seven colors.  Surely, its price will never disappoint with the quality it comes with.

Don’t Settle For Less

If you think you’re ready to wear the tactical gear that you deserve, come visit us at Las Vegas Tactical.  We offer corporate accounts and bulk orders from all kinds of law enforcement jobs.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a EMT, police officer or firefighter – we have all you need in one roof.  Drop by our shop at 953 East Sahara Avenue Suite to see our collection.  You can also give us a call at (702) 739-7070 or visit our website.

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