2016 Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Vegas Tactical Knife

2016 Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Vegas Tactical Knife

Some people can’t tell a regular knife from a tactical knife even if the two are vastly different in terms of quality and form. A tactical knife is a reliable Las Vegas tactical gear that can save you in many emergency situations. Their designs make them comfortable to hold, but they are also built to do extraordinary tasks. They are made to perform numerous purposes.

Some tactical knives are intended for survival tasks when you’re off the grid like the 5.11 Tactical CFK 7 Camp/Field Knife which is perfect for digging, pounding, chopping, and cutting. Other like the 5.11 Tactical Side Kick Scythe is mainly for self-defense.

There are numerous factors to consider when looking for the best Las Vegas tactical knife. Let’s examine each of them.


When looking for a tactical knife, the first thing to consider is its purpose. Why do you need it? Are you buying it for a specific purpose? Or are you looking for a versatile, multi-purpose tool?

Comfort and Balance

What makes a tactical knife comfortable is its shape, design, material, and weight. Every person has unique preferences, but the most comfortable knives are those that do not have ridges or fancy designs. Remember that you are not buying something attractive, you are buying a knife for its performance.

Blade Size

You might think that the bigger the blade the better the knife. But professionals know this isn’t so. A four-inch blade is actually enough for most tasks.

Blade Design

The blade’s shape affects its performance. Tactical knives commonly have spear point, clip point, tanto point, and drop point. The best style depends entirely on your personal preference and intended use.

Blade Type

A tactical knife can have a fixed blade or folding blades. As the name implies, fixed blades can’t be moved or folded. They are relatively stronger and more reliable because they are less likely to snap. Folding blades are less durable but are more convenient. This is why some people prefer to own both a fixed and folding tactical knife.

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